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As if it wasn't obvious already, of course it's a popular Flash author in disguise. The first one for Salad Fingers...the British Accent and funny voice...For those of you who didn't already know it's David Firth poking fun at both himself and other parodies, go shoot yourself. The average IQ of your country would benifit greatly from your death.

I remember...

The first time I saw this was on 4chan.
The 2chan Flash crew can do some really great stuff on occassion, and it's good to see. I'm glad these image post communities are getting more exposure. Which reminds me, 4chan needs help...they need donations or they may soon go under.

Might need fixin

Definately needs sounds, and a better screen mask. The animation itself looks passable.
I'm going to blam this so you can get an overall better score when you update with a better version.

Good for a laugh

Way to go, SneakySir...I like your drawing style in this one.
And the fact that it was funny without words or sound effects just goes to show how easy it is to make a good flash video.

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Did you...

Did you get permission to use those soundclips?

Either way, It looks like it could be "Powered by the Cheat" And it also makes for an excellent fan-work. I suggest actually letting the creators of Homestar Runner actually see this.


That's really nice of you to make for her...your voicing could use a little work, but it's good for your purpose. I hope to see more of your works put up here on newgrounds and meant for a broader audience.

Put in some effort.

You used several sprites from all over...and I'm glad you at least credited them. But here's the thing, it didn't make any sense! What's with the jumping off cliffs deal? It was all really retarded.
And you fail at life for using the Matrix Remix of that song...I hate that version! X|

baq responds:

really retarded was what i was aiming for and i personally like the mario song, blow me ;]

In responce to you and Black-Lines

Well, it's good to know that it'll be a continuing series. I do want to know how this all works out...
I'm agreeing with Black-Lines though that the voice work could be improved a little. It needs more emotion, and volume. However, I may be the only one with the volume thing, I have to turn my speakers up for pretty much everything on NG.
A good submission I says. 4/5

Probably won't make it

How is that his good day? He got the cherry?
I'd be happy if I got a cherry and all...

But seriously, it should have been longer. Look at the Wily Shorts, or if you have, expand on that idea. You art is pretty smooth, and appealing. It was just...freakin short and not that funny.

Thanks for the blam

Way to totally blow it. The menu almost looked good. What the hell?

Is it cool in here, or is just me?

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